Comet GP-98 VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas

Vertical Antenna Height: 9.70 ft.

Antenna Material: Fiberglass

Antenna Power Rating: 150 W

Antenna Connector: Type N, female

Mast Mounting Type: Clamp-on

Mast Mounting Clamp Minimum: 1.250 in.

Mast Mounting Clamp Maximum: 2.500 in.

Antenna Weight: 6.60 lbs.

100W on 1,200 MHz.


Additional Information

Band Coverage Frequency Coverage Range Vertical Antenna Gain Bandwidth at 2:1 SWR

2 meters

144-148 MHz

6.5 dBi

Over 4.0 MHz

70 cm

440-450 MHz

9.0 dBi

Over 10.0 MHz


1200-1300 MHz

13.5 dBi

Over 100 MHz


Comet GP-98 Tri-Band VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas provide very good gain figures on the 2-meter, 70-centimeter, and 23 centimeter bands in a small 9.7 foot package. These superior-quality base station antennas feature a two-piece, heavy duty, UV-stabilized fiberglass radome for many years of reliable service.

With the highest power rating in their class, these base station antennas are ready to handle long QSOs from your high-power VHF/UHF radios. Although light in weight, they incorporate strong, easy-to-use, extruded aluminum and stainless steel clamp-on mounting hardware. N-Type female connectivity at the antenna ensures maximum power transfer at 23-centimeters!

When your vertical tri-band base antennas require compact functionality, very good gain, and remarkable durability, remember Comet GP-98 Tri-Band VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas provide excellent overall performance!

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